The company was founded in the 80s in Naples, from a family run business developing handcrafted productions, designed to meet and satisfy every customer's needs. Over the years, the experience has led us to divide the production of women's soles from the men’s soles into two distinct businesses that cooperate with each other.

The Silver SRL that will appeal to the men's market, and De Group SRL that deals with the production of women's shoes are born of this separation, althought they cooperate with each other.The company mission is orientated towards quality and innovation, while remaining firmly anchored to the 'Made in Italy' tradition .The material for excellence, used for the creation of the soles is real leather. Nevertheless, the company added in to the work process many other materials such as rubber, thunit, Micro and XL.

Our companies stand out through their continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, caring for the customer at each stage. From the moment they make an order, right through to the end of production and beyond, the customer is benefiting from the many years of experience we have.

Quality, service and innovation are the strengths of the two companies that today, thanks to the constant commitment of our staff, are among the finest in the world. Their dedication and efficiency are matched only by their ability to follow the best brands, spot trends and lead fashion. We create high quality products, exemplifying classic tastes, and satisfying modern desires. These are the things that define us.

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